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Restoration Contractors of America has an extensive history of installing both new construction to major re roofing projects. From EPDM to standard shingles, all types of roof systems are covered.

A major difference between R.C.A. and most other contracting companies is that because of our extensive knowledge of the insurance aspect of restoration and our HAAG engineered staff members, we can typically save a commercial property owner hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Commercial Restoration Services

When your Charlotte area business falls victim to fire, water, storm, or other unavoidable damage, we understand that time is of the essence. Every hour you are out of business is revenue that cannot be replaced. That’s why the RCA team moves swiftly to get your business back in business as quickly as possible. Our teams are the best and our process ensures that not a minute is wasted through poor coordination or miss-communication.

Restoration Services To Get Your Business Back On Its Feet

Commercial Damage Repair & RestorationFire & Smoke Damage-“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” the old saying goes, but in this case, it’s the smoke that’s the tricky part. Anything damaged by fire is visually obvious, but smoke can seep into hidden places causing damage you can’t see and creating unpleasant odors. Even the kind of smoke can make a difference as to how it behaves and the damage that it does. Our specialists will make sure they find all of the damage and report it to the insurance company so you can breathe easier.

Water Damage-Mold, Dehumidification-Mold is nothing to mess with when it comes to your health. Whenever there’s water damage, from flooding, broken plumbing or even fire hoses, mold and mildew are a real threat. We remove the unsalvageable parts and use special cleaning, drying, and dehumidifying equipment plus disinfectants to make sure your business is mold free.

Storm Damage-Whether it’s a blizzard, tornado, or flood, storm damage needs to be fixed fast. Our emergency team stands ready with a full-service, 24-Hour Emergency Services Program. We can respond to your phone call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll be there fast to attach a tarp to the roof, start extracting water or board up doors and windows. We understand the need to be there fast.

Electronic & Documents-Businesses have computers, fax machines, copy machines, telephone systems, etc. This equipment does not do well with fire, smoke or water. Your electronics will be sent to a qualified electronics technician who can restore any that are salvageable to their pre-disaster condition. Offices also have lots of important paperwork and documents. Many documents can be restored with specialized drying methods that keep them intact.

Content Removal-Many times it’s easier and safer to remove the contents of the building while renovation is going on. It speeds up the renovation process because we don’t have to work around it. It’s safer for the contents, and your contents can be cleaned and restored off-site while the building is being restored.

Our Cleaning Services Help Restore Your Company Back To New

HAAG certified InspectorWhen disaster strikes, there is always a lot of cleanup involved. Smoke gets in places you never even see like your entire HVAC system. We clean the air ducts and make sure no harmful residue is left in your office building. Carpet and upholstery, drapes, and blinds, if salvageable, can be cleaned as well. Many times ceilings, walls and hard floors can be cleaned and returned to a new condition without having to repaint or replace them. Of course, with fire or flood or storm damage, there is almost always a moisture issue. Moisture is responsible for mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, and odor. We disinfect the area to make sure these harmful microorganisms are removed and any odors are eliminated. Whatever it takes, we have the resources to make sure your Charlotte area business is not only restored, but clean and safe when your employees return.

Most recently, a project that was set out to bid among many well known contractors was awarded to R.C.A. because we were the only company that could match the cheapest estimate and still save the owner thousands of dollars on the install by demonstrating that part of the roof was damaged by the winds of Summer Storm.

It is in every property owner’s interest to let us have an opportunity to work for you and evaluate the property with our experts. If we cannot save you at least 20% from your lowest bid, we will pay you!