Reconstruction and Cleanup Services offered by RCA Restoration Services

Disasters occur frequently and leave behind them a trail of destruction, which seems unmanageable, irreparable and irreversible sometimes. But thanks to RCA Restoration Services, Carolina, now you can relax and leave the task of rebuilding to the roofing and restoration experts.

Our technicians can undertake all the restoration and rebuilding tasks, where damage is done by thunderstorms, hail storms, strong winds, fire and smoke, flood and other related disasters.  The most common types of damage are wind and hail damage on the roof.  In many cases the homeowner is unaware of the damage that is beginning on their roof from recent hail and wind storms.  Our roofing experts can evaluate the roofing situation in minutes at no cost.

We can:

  • Place your roof tarp after the disaster or damage
  • Board up your doors and windows to protect them from hailstorms, winds and external damage
  • Remove water and moisture from rain, sewer backup and flood
  • Cleanup, extract water and remove items that are completely damaged
  • Undertake structural repairs


While reconstructing your roof and inside damage our technicians consult with you, so that they can build it according to your specifications. Forget about fixing things, we believe in making it even better than it was before the disaster.  Our roofing experts are amazingly respectful to the home and work great with the homeowners to make it the best experience possible.

Damages due to fire and smoke

Removing smoke can sometimes be extremely tricky, so we not only remove smoke from the places where you cannot reach, but we also clean the ducts to remove harmful residue from the most inaccessible places.


The act of cleanup should be performed as soon as possible once a disaster strikes, as if it is not fixed in time the smoke and water may seep into unimaginable places and it can cause further destruction. We can also help you clean your drapes, upholstery, carpets and blinds. The cleanup services also include cleaning hard floors, walls and ceilings to their original state, so that you don’t need to replace them.  We use a heavy duty magnet over the entire yard after a roofing job to make sure there are no nails left.


We can also disinfect your interiors from bacteria, harmful organisms and fungi, so that your office becomes hygienic and safe for your employees to return to work.

Weather related events are an appalling unavoidable truth and can’t be evaded. Prompt action after a weather disaster will minimize the damage brought forth by the event as well as other consequent damages.

In the event that your rooftop is harmed by a storm, call us for prompt and suitable action.

Our quick action team includes seasoned, knowledgeable, equipped and prepared technicians, who will assist you to get back in your building as soon as possible.

We are just a phone call away and ready to assist you on your first call.

We are also your local roof restoration experts and you can trust us.

We are known for quality exterior products and services and we have vast experience dealing with different kinds of materials suppliers and commercial exterior configurations.

Our mission statement is to get you back in your home or business quickly and safely.

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