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Storm Damage

Thunderstorms can bring violent wind and hail that can seriously damage all types of property.

Hail Damage

Hail can damage Roofs, Siding, Gutters and even the roof of your car. It is important to understand that all hail damage is not obvious to the untrained eye. Insurance companies are not in the business of replacing roofs for homeowner’s maintenance purposes. The reason an insurance company will replace a roof that is hail damaged is to limit liability. Everyone knows that with 100% probability that a roof that has met the threshold of damage where full replacement is warranted, will leak in time. By fixing a roof now, an insurance company is limiting it’s financial exposure to future payouts by solving the issue today. This is also the reason that it is important that all damage is pointed out, even that which is not obvious. If the roof is seriously damaged, the property is going to have future issues with absolute certainty.

Wind Damage

Wind damaged shingleWhen winds reach speeds above 40 mph, most roofs, carports and loose siding are headed for trouble. From fallen trees to ripped off shingles, to twisted aluminum, the forces of wind during a storm can cause great havoc. It is important to determine if a roof has been damaged by wind, so as to prevent water from penetrating the sealed roof system. Obvious signs of wind are missing shingles and siding, but, wind can damage a roof and warrant a full replacement and not have one shingle missing. The reason for replacement for this type of damage is when the backs of the shingle have been creased or broken by the wind and though not broken off, are no longer sealed to the roof. Consequently, the roof system as it was designed is failing.