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One of the largest differences between Restoration Contractors of America and other competitors is our ability to problem solve.  You may wonder why that would be an important factor when it comes to restoration, but, it is a very important factor when determining the fortitude of a company.

Whether it be damage from a fire, the mysterious origins of mold, damage to a roof system, or just a plain water leak, each of these categories can be problematic.

Bring out a normal company, and a normal company will provide you with an estimate for replacement.  Bring RCA out and we think outside of the box.

Outside the box in this case would be the true cause and origin of the problem. Once the cause is determined, to what extent is the cause of the issue and to what extent is the responsibility and liability to replace that of the property owner, the manufacturer, or the insurance company.

In one scenario, a property owner called RCA out to consult and inspect after their insurance had denied their claim of water leaking from inside the roof into their home. After our inspection, and the submittal of our detailed scope of loss,  the verdict was overturned in the homeowner’s favor as we were able to successfully point out that due to the fact that one occurrence of wind blowing a tree, and thus penetrating the decking, which then allowed the water to enter, and argument that the roof was too old  for coverage was no longer valid.

Another scenario, RCA asked to prepare an estimate to replace 12 building of built up roofing because the roof had been installed incorrectly and was leaking.  After our inspection and report, we were able to get the manufacturer of the material to cover half of the replacement costs, and the insurance company to cover the rest, saving the property owner thousands of out of pocket dollars.

We look at each job from the standpoint that we want to fix the problem, not treat the problem. If we can define the correct cause, then the possibility of moving some of the costs to other parties such as insurance companies and manufactures is more tangible.

Our expertise is working to find the correct solution and to help define true liability to the cause. Additionally, we perform exceptional work and when an issue or dilemma arises, we handle it. It is wise to measure a company not solely on it’s bottom line but how it handles challenges when they arise.