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Mission Statement

Professional Craftsmanship.

Superior Service!

Our Mission is simply this: Provide each and every owner quality, professional craftsmanship and superior client service.

Restoration Contractors of America’s priority is to make sure that it’s clear from the beginning that we are reputable and professional. That’s why we back all of our work with a warranty and we strive to maintain excellent reviews on consumer quality websites, such as the BBB and Angie’s List. If we’re not part of a list or website that you rely on, please let us know!

Choosing a contractor in the Charlotte area can be a hard decision to make. Most people rely heavily on the previous experience of their friends and family to make a decision on who they will allow to work on their home or business. Therefore, word-of-mouth and customer referrals are our number one source of new business. This is why Restoration Contractors of America is dedicated to providing superior service – BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER EVERY PROJECT.