Insurance Consulting EngineersInsurance Consulting and Claim Handling

Our niche market is the insurance restoration industry and that is 90% of what our company is focused on.  Different than regular contracting, insurance restoration can be a bit on the confusing side, especially when it comes to what types of damages and services are covered under a policy.

Available at RCA are licensed insurance adjusters who are legally allowed to interpret and negotiate claims on behalf of our clients.  This is important because the insurance will send out a professional adjuster to represent their interests, doesn’t it make sense that an adjuster is available to go over your paperwork and estimates, to represent your interests?

We literally have decades of experience in looking over insurance estimates and assisting in handling claims.  It is our feeling that while an estimate or an insurance company should not be nickeled and dimed, it should make sure to cover all of the items necessary to repair the damage, and not with the cheapest materials. Making sure that your claim is not only covered, but that the amount that is paid, is a fair amount, is one of RCA’s strengths.

Our staff are certified HAAG roof inspectors, fire and smoke removal specialists and are experts in water damage restoration.  From the start, our professional team is going to make sure that before anything begins, the work that needs to be covered, is covered.