How the Insurance Appraisal Process Works

Our Insurance Process for Damage to Your Home or Business

A Reputation of Excellence

Insurance Process Kansas City photoIn the event that you have experienced a fire, water, weather, or vehicle loss to your home, we work closely with your insurance company after a property loss to make sure the restoration is completed to your satisfaction. We understand the ins and outs of the insurance world and strive to get your property back to normal in as little time as possible. Phoenix currently works with over 30 insurance companies of which many participate in a direct repair program. We depend on these repair programs, and we are highly dedicated to providing a quality finished product to ensure that we remain on these programs. Being a part of your insurance company’s direct repair program gives you the peace of mind of knowing that RCA will strive to restore your property to a level of quality equal to or better than it was before the accident. Of course, you can also make a request of your insurance company to have Restoration Contractors of America be involved in your project.

We Work for You… Not the Insurance Company

We are neither insurance adjusters nor agents. We do not represent your insurance company. We cannot authorize anything to be replaced, repaired or painted. However, we do work closely with your insurance company to ensure that all aspects of the property damage are accurately and completely represented. Our job is to restore not only your property, but your sense of satisfaction.

Work Authorization

In order to start your restoration project, you must sign the proper Repair Authorization form. This lets us begin work immediately. In the event that Emergency Services are required, a separate Emergency Services authorization must be signed.

** It is important to understand that you are ultimately financially responsible for our services based upon your insurance coverage. Your financial liability may be limited to your policy deductible as outlined below, but when additional work is requested via a change order, you are responsible for that entire dollar amount.
Change Order

During the restoration or repair process, you may desire that additional work be performed. This work may be the addition or removal of a wall, or doorway, additional cabinet space, etc. In all of these events, there is a change from the previously decided job scope and additional cost will be required. In these cases, a Change Order is created that describes the changes in detail, and the associated costs. This change order form must be signed, and acknowledges your financial responsibility.

Our Insurance

RCA is properly insured with appropriate liability and workman’s compensation insurance. A copy of the insurance document will be provided on request.

Pre-existing or Pre-loss Conditions

During the course of restoration/repairs, we may come across pre-existing damage. In some cases, these items may be repaired or replaced as part of the covered loss and designated repairs. In other cases, additional work may be required and a Change Order form will be completed stating the nature and extent of the additional work involved, and the necessary time and cost associated with this work. Occasionally, upgrades may need to be made to bring the structure up to date to comply with current building codes.

Insurance Partners

Insurance Companies with Third-Party Administrators Insurance Companies without Third-Party Administrators
Alacrity AAA – IRP
Allstate American Family
Encompass Barton Mutual
Buchanon Mutual
Crawford Contractor Connection Catholic Mutual
Amica Cincinnati
AnPac Columbia
Allied / Nationwide Continental Western
MetLife Farm Bureau
State Auto Farmers
USAA – PDRP Federated Mutual
Guide One
Innovation Property Hartford
Safeco Leamon Peterson & Bello
Liberty Mutual Liberty Mutual
Newsom Harp
St. Paul/Traveler’s

Third-party administrators take the responsibility for much of the insurance claim processing and handling from the insurance companies, and work directly with the repair contractors to ensure claims are handled quickly, accurately, and efficiently.