Fire Damage Restoration Services

Fire damage Restoration servicesResidential and Commercial Fire Restoration that is handled professionally and with sensitive discretion. People’s lives are over turned and we respect the loss as well as the displacement.

Immediately after such a devastating occurrence it is important to have professionals that can help to rebuild the life and home that was just lost. Leave it up to the professional project managers and builders at R.C.A. to work with hand in hand with whatever insurance is involved in order to expedite the rebuilding process.

At Restoration Contractors of America, we understand how devastating a fire can be. Your life essentially gets turned upside down. You’re uprooted and emotionally devastated. Our job is to get your life back to normal as soon as possible. We’ve got the team, the experience and the knowledge to restore your life to normalcy as quickly as possible.

fire damage repair serviceIf your Charlotte area home or business has experienced fire damage, time is of the essence. Smoke is acidic and can leave residues that will cause surfaces to corrode or be permanently stained the longer they are exposed to it. Smoke is also very intrusive and can penetrate small nooks and crannies and areas that aren’t even noticeable to the naked eye and leave stinky residues. Carpet, drapes, upholstery and other porous surfaces hold smoke and odor and must undergo a special cleaning and deodorizing process to be salvaged. Different materials create different kinds of residues when they burn. Soot is oily and therefore requires a different cleaning method than regular smoke residue. Besides smoke damage, there is also electrical and structural damage. You want a professional restoration company handling your cleanup and rebuild. Restoration Contractors of America has the experience, products and proper equipment to restore your home or business to its original state.

Fire damage usually requires an extensive cleanup and restoration process. While the basics of restoration are similar in all types of fire damage, the real difference lies in the methods of the restoration company you hire. At RCA, we focus on communication, organization, and timeliness. A project manager is assigned to your case and he/she is your point person throughout the process. We have found that having one person/partner-team that you can call with questions and get progress updates from eases the stress and uncertainties and makes the whole process progress more smoothly and quickly.

Fire damage restoration will usually involve:

fire damage control servicesComprehensive Assessment – We use the latest diagnostic imaging equipment to determine the building’s structural integrity and determine if it can be lived in. Any areas that need additional structural support will be shored up to create a safe working environment for the restoration crew.

Cleanup – Cleanup is organized and systematic. We have a system in place that prevents mistakes like overlooking critical components, crucial household items, belongings, or fixtures, in need of cleanup or restoration. The damaged area needs to be thoroughly cleaned with industrial-grade sanitizing and deodorizing solutions. Different combustibles create different kinds of smoke and soot. It is critical that the correct solutions are used for cleaning different fabrics and surfaces to avoid further damage.

Pack Out – Any items that can be salvaged are moved away from the site and sent to be cleaned and restored. A full inventory is taken so the insurance company knows what is salvageable and what is non-recoverable. This clears the site for renovation and prevents any further damage to the items during reconstruction.

fire burnt home repaired-RCAReconstruction – The area is cleared and rebuilt. The project manager will meet with the home or business owners and get their input on rebuilding. Decisions involving flooring, cabinets, paint, etc. will be determined along the way so the final product meets the home or business owner’s expectations.

We will have you back in your Charlotte area home or business as quickly as possible. A successful fire damage cleanup and restoration takes time and patience, but with Restoration Contractors of America, our people, our processes and our professionalism will make it as painless as possible.